The vertical dimension in the Dolomites

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Climbing is the instinct to climb, to overcome the vertical discover climbing with us

Climbing is the istinct to climb,is the istinct to overcome the vertical. Climbing is precisely an activity that permit us to climb peaks and walls based on our technical and athletic capability.

Climbing is a sport for everyone, younger and adults, allowing a correct phisical and mental development, through the diverse technical training and the experience gained in time. Is necessary, in order to enjoy this experience in the best way, learn the conditions that permit to move in safety, and discovery the world of this sport: health, fatigue, trips and fun. You are able, from your experience and your knowledge, to take part of our courses or our initiatives organized on the perfect and ideal breeding ground and in the best and most famous locations.

For experienced climbers there is also the possibility to find new motivation with increased activities. This is a really big “world” and it is steadily increasing: this allows us to discover every day something new.


Climbing in the Dolomites

Individual ascensions

Introduction climbing course

Alpine climbing course for beginners

Climbing course for advanced climbers

A great opportunity to improve your climbing technique and learn to lead climbs in safety