Via Ferrata in the Dolomites

Via Ferrata in the Dolomites

The most beautiful via ferrata in the Dolomites

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The thrill of climbing big walls in total safety in the Dolomites and Val Badia

The via ferrata are mountain routes equipped with steel ropes, ladders and ladders for progression and safety, which are halfway between hiking and "true" mountaineering. These paths allow people who have no alpine experience to climb walls and to reach the top of mountains that are otherwise too difficult; experiencing the thrill of a technical climb in spectacular environments. The area of the Dolomites has become an absolute reference for this type of ascent and more and more people from all over the world come here to follow its historic or modern and sporting routes. Our mountain guide school offers a summer calendar with the main ferrata in the area, but you can always book a guide for the itinerary you prefer or for multi-day programs with overnight stays in the valley or in the shelter.


Via Ferrata

Weekly proposals

Via Ferrata Tridentina

The most famous ferrata in the Dolomites

Monte Civetta ring

Via ferrata Alleghesi and Tissi

Via ferrata Bocchette

Enjoy the most spectacular via ferratas of the Alps

Haute Route of Dolomites Via Ferrata

Enjoy a week along the best and most famous via ferrata

Via ferrata Tomaselli

Step by step until the peak of Cima Fanis Sud